Plant image analytics in the field.
Quantitative seed and leaf image analysis.
Fast and accurate.

About SmartMScope

SmartMScope provides automated and interactive image processing methods for non-destructive and non-invasive plant phenotype and disease quantification. SmartMScope image analysis on mobile handheld devices enables fast sample collection and analysis in the field. SmartMScope can upload images and data to the plant database in the cloud.

SmartMScope-Seed: Quantitative seed image analysis.
Automated segmentation of seeds in the image, capable of splitting touching seeds, interactive seed selection, automated measurements : seed shape attributes.

SmartMScope-Leaf: Quantitative leaf image analysis.
Automated segmentation of the leaf in the image, leaf shape attributes, interactive leaf vein tracing and analysis.


You can view SmartMScope demos on youtube:

Leaf Demo Seed Demo

Development Team

Ke Gao
Hang Yu
Mitchell Battles
Yuhang Ming
Filiz Bunyak, PhD


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